Trying to find colours that bring out the best in your hair can be a daunting task. But worry no more, we have put together the ultimate tool kit for discovering your hair colour matching dreams.


If you are styling some deep brunette hair then the best colours for you include orangey-reds, golds, deep forest greens and natural browns. Brunettes complement a range of green tones from limes to deep leafy tones. Complimenting the rich deep tones of brunette hair with similar deep brown tones can also help show the natural highlights and gradients in your hair. So why not try adding some dark chocolate and creamy lighter brown tones to your next hairstyle.

Accessory suggestion:  Our collection of skin tones scrunchies are perfect for brunettes. With a wide range of golden tones of a verity of skin-toned colours, you are sure to find the perfect one. But if it’s a bold colour you’re looking for then the satin greens are for you.


Like people, hair tones are unique and so a varied colour means varying colours that compliment each tone. If you are more of a pale blonde then a pastel tone is perfect for you. These soft bright tones include mint green, light blues as well as colours with undertones of blue or grey. But it’s not just cool tones that can work for pale blondes, dusty pinks and lavenders also bring out the best in pale blondes. If you have more of a warm blonde then bold gem and jew tones can help you stand out from the crowd. Colours such as turquoise, aqua, lemony yellows and coral peachy tones. If you can see it in natures most prize possessions of emeralds and precious gems then these are the colours for you. If you want to make a statement and create a dramatic contrast effect, why not try a simple black or white. These shades can help cause drama and contrast. 

Accessory suggestion: For that contrasting added drama the Zebra or Dalmantion collections are perfect. Animal print is a staple in anyone’s collection and so why not add these timeless pieces to your rotation. If you want to add some precious gem bling, the deep red scrunchie and velvet emerald green scrunchie are perfect.


If you are a redhead then you have probably heard that green is your best friend when it comes to complimenting your hair colour. And it’s true! Hues of emeralds, teals and forest greens really help make a redhead pop. But maybe you didn’t know that purples also help bring out the best in copper-coloured hair. As red is opposite to purple on the colour wheel, this shows the contrast and colour blocking of the pairing of purple and red. Other colours include blues, whites, and even reds. When finding the perfect red for a redhead, you also have to take into consideration what your skin tone is too (If you are not sure what your skin tone is then look back at our previous blog posts for the answer). Cool tones should opt for a bright red, whereas warm tones should try a darker red such as burnt red or burgundy. 

Accessory suggestion: With such a wide range of options for redheads you will be spoilt for choice. Our pastel blue scrunchies are a great choice to bring out the rich tones in a redhead. Our leopard collection is also a great choice as the different tones will help bring out the natural highlights and lowlights in your hair.