At Unified we love colours, patterns and textures. Even when choosing accessories we all want to find colours that compliment either our hair, eye or skin colour. But it can be difficult to know what colours flatter you and enhance your features. We have put together the ultimate guide to discover your perfect tone.

Warm or Cool-toned?

An easy way to tell if you are warm or cool-toned is by looking at your veins. By using the colour of your veins you can identify your undertone. If your veins are greenish then you most likely have a warm undertone. Whereas, if your veins are blue or a purple colour then you may have a cool undertone. 

But now you know what your undertone is how can this help you find your perfect colour? Warm undertones pair best with rich natural colours. These include red, peach, coral, orange, gold and yellow. People with warm undertones also are complemented by “warmer” cool tones too, such as olive, cream and moss. 

Cool tones are perfect for colours on the cool end of the spectrum. Bright blues, emeralds as well as deep purples are great for people with cool skin tones. Try to avoid colours such as bright citrus like orange, reds and yellows, these can clash with your skin and down you out. 

Accessory suggestion: For Warm-toned our Don Collection is the one for you. For Cool-toned skin tones, why not take a look at the Green Velvet Scrunchie or the Navy Tie with Floral Pocket Square, Lapel Pin, Tie Bar and Fabric Bag.