Eye masks can be a grey area for many people. With some not being able to live without them, and others never using one in their lives. But what are the benefits or even uses of an eye mask? And why should you use one? 

Eye masks or sleep masks are well known to help you sleep and relax. With slight pressure on the eyes and complete darkness, a good eye mask has the ability to help you drift off to sleep and aid broken sleep. The key to a great eye mask is a soft touch texture and most importantly a blacked-out, well-fitted feel. Research has shown that when using an eye mask, you can gain more REM time, shorten your REM latency and increase your levels of melatonin. All of this then improves our sleep patterns and balance out our hormones. 

But eye masks are also great for shorter uses such as meditation. The lack of light distractions and a feeling of comfort can help immerse yourself into your practice. Mindfulness and yoga is also a great way to connect with your body, and by removing one of your senses you can start to connect with yourself in a new and different way.

Our Unified eye masks come with a travel bag that can be used to store your mask as well as all your other sleep essentials. The masks are lined with black cotton to create a blackout experience, and elasticated straps for an adjustable fit. Shop our eye masks now, and be ready for perfect night sleep.