We all try and bring out the best in the features we already have. And this is no different when trying to bring out our eyes. Like many aspects of colour, we look to the colour wheel to help us. The colour wheel is a great tool to help us understand which colours work well together and what colours may not so much. 

Green Eyes 

For people with green eyes, purple is your new best friend if you want them to stand out. As purple is opposite to green on the colour wheel, this shows the two colours will compliment each other and flatter. Tones such as burgundy, pink and mauve are also great alternatives as these are still purple tones. 

Accessory suggestion: Our purple satin scrunchie is a great match! Or if floral is more your thing, than why not try hints of purple with our range of floral scunchies. 

Brown Eyes 

The majority of the population has brown eyes and so makes it harder to stand out from the crowd. But with colours such as blues, you are bound to make a statement. Use a range of blues such as navey’s, turquoise, royal blue and baby blues to see which ones pair perfectly with your unique brown tones.

Accessory suggestion: We have a range of different blues to experiment with in our collections. These range from organza, satin and florals, there is something for everyone. My personal favorite is the Baker Blue floral headband. 

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes can be very bold and stand out on their own. But if you need a little helping hand or just a lift, then orange is the colour for you. Don't be afraid to go bold with an orange, but if this is a little out of your comfort zone, try a burnt orange or mustard as a small step towards a brighter and stand out tone. 

Accessory suggestion: Be bold with our orange satin scrunchie. Or try something more subtle while still giving a statement with our daisy organza scrunchie. 

Hazel Eyes 

If you have hazel eyes then you have a wider choice when it comes to making them stand out. Blues and violets will help elevate the different tones and colours in hazel eyes. Hazel is such an adaptable colour that anything on the spectrum of purple violets or blues will complement. These colours include aubergine, burgundy and plums. 

Accessory suggestion: For a touch of purple, our satin purple scrunchie is a great touch. Or why not try our floral scrunchies for hints of purples and blues.