With summer just around the corner, we have put together our ultimate scrunchie guide for the perfect summer scrunchies. The scrunchie trend is not going anywhere soon so why not update your wardrobe with some of the latest trends.

1. Green - 


Green is having its moment with year, from bright neons to forest tones. Part of the "soft girl" trend, pastels and soft tones are very on trend.

2. Complimenting Colour Blocking 

Mixing colours and patterns is something here at Unified we love! So why not be a little more adventurous when it comes to colour by mixing unexpected colours with your scrunchies.

3. Minimal mixed with bold prints 

If you like to stand out from the crowd in your clothing than adding a simple tonal scrunchie is a great way to bring an outfit together without creating a crazy pattern clash! Pick one or two colours fro your outfit and use them in your hair for a stacking Scrunchie design or a simple one scrunchie up-do.

5. Colour Stacking 

Colour stacking and mixing up multiple scrunchies is one of our favourite looks this season. By choosing pastels and soft neon tones, you can add a pop of colour to a minimalist outfit. 

6. Mixing up Textures 

We have a wide range of different textured scrunchies, from satin to furry and anything in-between. Mix up a classic satin scrunchie with a furry scrunchie can add depth and contrast to any hair style. 

7. Animal Prints

Animal prints have now become a staple in most peoples wardrobe. So why should your scrunchies be any different? Add a classic animal print scrunchie to your collection to always be on trend. 

8. Mixing animal prints with tones

With animal print now a must have, mix it up with some simple block colours. Pick a tone from your favourite animal print and use that for your colour blocked scrunchie!

9. Warm pink tones

Warm tones are some of the best colours to brighten up for Summer. Pink, reds and oranges are ideal for creating an ombre effect with an outfit or hairstyle. 

10. Florals

A classic for Spring or Summer is florals. This trend comes round year after year and so you will always be one step ahead of the curve with a floral scrunchie in your collection.

We love to see how you style your scrunchies! So tag us at @unified_uk so we can see.