If you have been anywhere on social media and as obsessed with scrunchies as we are, then you would have come across the stacking scrunchie trend. But what is the perfect way to execute this hair trend and what is it all about? The scrunchie stacking trend consists of taking multiple scrunchies (this is usually three) and placing them in hairstyles such as ponytails, bunches or whatever your go-to updo is! 

Now you are up to date with stacking scrunchies, here are some ideas to get you started:

Matching tones

When it comes to picking out your scrunchies for the stacking, there is no right or wrong. Factors could depend on what colour your hair is, what outfit you are wearing or just how you are feeling that day. But one of the most bulletproof ways of scrunchie matching is matching tones. For example, choose one colour and then pick scrunchies that have a similar tone or colour, whether it be lighter or darker shades of that colour. A great colour to create this look with is blue. Blues come in a variety of shades and tones and so choosing a mix of light and dark blues can add depth to any outfit. 


Top tip: Try and pick out a colour in your outfit and use it in your hair to draw attention to all the added details in your favourite style piece.

Neutral palette 

Neutral tones are a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So why not take it to the next level and start getting hair trendy. Similar to the matching tones, mixing a neutral palette is all about finding lights and darks and bringing them together. A classic go-to is browns and creams which create a clean and crisp finish. Black and white is another classic and can be more of a bold finish especially if you are a redhead. But the tones we mix the most together is deep and light browns. 


Top tip: Don’t be afraid to pick colours that only subtly different, this can create an ombre effect in the hair.

Bright and bold 

Brighter the better right? We think so. Pick your favourite bold colours and mix and match! There is no right or wrong way to pick colours as long as they make you feel confident and happy. If you are more of a minimal colour dresser, than adding a statement scrunchie or three can really change up an outfit without the commitment of a large block of colour. Experiment with different textures and a rainbow of colours to show complementing but also contrasting colours. 


Top tip: Be garish and stand out from the crowd, colour blocking is always a trend.

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