With masks not seeming to be going anywhere anytime soon people are looking for more eco-conscious alternatives to disposable medical masks. With reusable face coverings growing in popularity, do you really know how to look after fabric face mask once you are done for the day?

Here are some easy to follow steps to make sure you keep safe and stylish:

  1. Store your used and dirty mask in a bag

We are all guilty of taking our mask off and then stuffing it in a pocket or handbag, but this could actually be transferring germs. Once you are done with your mask for the day the best place to store it ready to be washed is in a bag that can close. This means any germs, make-up, sweat or bacteria that may be on the mask does not transfer to any other surfaces. Always make sure you wash your hands before and after removing your mask. 

  1. You’re now ready to wash!

You should be washing your fabric face coverings whenever it becomes dirty or at least daily. It is super easy to wash a mask as you can include it in your usual laundry as well as using your regular detergent. Alternatively, you can also hand wash your reusable mask with hot soapy water. After you have cleaned your mask by hand, you want to rinse it with warm water to make sure any leftover soap has been removed completely. 

  1. Drying Time

Once you have washed your mask you can then throw it in the dryer along with the rest of your washing. You can also place the mask to dry in sunlight or on a radiator. When air drying your mask it is best to lay it flat or hang it up. This will help with reducing wrinkles and leave the fabric smooth. 

Happy Mask Washing!